Welcome to

The desert of the unreal

Stretching for miles

Lands of distant feelings

Where nothing grows

But bitterness and loneliness

Where salvation’s out of reach

For this miscreant


The scorched earth

Barren and a wasteland

Nothing like the time before

Castles never made of sand

Welcome to

A world without a blue sky

Just a muted dome

With a specter floating by


Bye, bye, into the

Night, night, promises

Die, die, sweet lullabye

Bye, bye, into the fire


A conspiracy

Nothing more and nothing less

Against a human soul

Torn apart strewn out a wreck

The sands are spreading out

As far as the horizon

Feeling you get

When you accept what’s denied you


On convections

Of heat you think you’re flying

Like Icarus

Of another time before when

You were more than

Abandoned to this toil

Withered in the sun

And nothing more than older.


All Rights Reserved (c) March 2019 John J Vinacci

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